Head of Software Development

When I was trying to convince my parents to buy me a computer, I showed them the design of advertising screensavers on TV and said: "I need PC to do these things!” As a result, I do not do these things, but do work in the field of design and television :)

As the Head of Software Development Department, I oversee what guys are doing at the different TV-channels that we create graphics for. Plus, I'm supervising the development of 3D graphics on the basis of game engines – it is mostly our very own solutions, software products for both internal tasks of the studio, and for external customers.

It inspires me to do really useful things, to present some dry facts and boring statistics in a format that is understandable to the viewer, so that it is interesting, informative and fun at the same time.

Thanks to us a lot of graphics and infographics you see on TV are shown in automatic mode with minimal human participation, and the viewer doesn’t even notice it - this is the essence of our work. We are constantly analyzing new approaches to conveying the information, trying to look into the future and understand what will be relevant and on demand.

You always need to experiment - a good idea will not come when you lie on the couch. We did one thing, did the second one, looked at how it works, exploited it - and only then we can decide whether it's good or bad, only then will we think how else it can be used.

I have experience in different areas: in design, in programming, in 3D, have some skills in Photoshop, even learned the cartographic software. I’ve tried myself in all that consciously because I understood that like to study different things for the sake of collecting these differences together.

I saw myself as an inventor in my childhood – someone who creates something new and somehow improves people's lives. What I'm doing right now in many ways reflects this dream and that makes me very happy.